ZopNow Online Shopping App

ZopNow Online Shopping App: ZopNow is online Groceries e-commerce Company which is having interlinks with some of the supermarkets in India like Hyper City and many more.

ZopNow is providing services to more than 10 cities in India. ZopNow is founded by Sunit in September 2011 Vikash is working as a CEO for ZopNow.

ZopNow is having a large variety of products for its customers like kitchen, Refrigerator, Cleaning, Bathroom, Kids & Health.

Popular Categories of ZopNow Online Shopping App are staples, Dry fruits, Chocolates, Biscuits & Cookies, Utensils. ZopNow gives its customers delivery within 3 hours with a challenging task. ZopNow gives its customers a easy payment methods like pre-pay with online payment or by providing post pay on delivery.

Customer wants to buy product from ZopNow then he simply first register with ZopNow and then select the product and place the order by selecting he delivery area by giving their pin code.

ZopNow is providing offers of 50% discounts on some particular products like edible oil and ghee and many more. ZopNow is also actively participating in social media networks like Facebook, twitter, Instagram.

ZopNow Online Shopping App customer care number for any queries are 080-30752433. ZopNow provides its users a very user friendly mobile apps so that by using this apps the customers can easily buy their products if you want to get the ZopNow apps available in Google’s play store for android users and for iPhone users it is available in IOS and for windows users also it is available in windows store.

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